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Bookings at the Centre

The Centre is in operation nearly every day of every week, but does have some space to support either long term bookings or one off community events.

Unfortunately we are not able to take bookings for private parties or functions that do not have an established community focus. Please contact us for current availability.

Services in Brief

Children and Families Services:

  • Provides group activities for families, such as our Parent and Toddler Group
  • Access to our popular parenting workshops (awaiting re-funding)
    • Support groups for parents with mental health issues
    • Access to Legal advice and Benefits advice
  • Support for parents experiencing domestic violence
  • Access to a range of Adult Learning Services - see below

Older Persons Services: (See More)

  • One to one support
  • Silver Surfer sessions for the over 50s
  • Access to Legal advice and Benefits advice

Adult Learning Services: (See More)

  • ESOL (English as a second language)
  • Literacy and Numeracy
  • Easy Cook
  • Silver Surfer sessions for the over 50s
  • Food Safety Level 2
  • Family IT
  • Confidence Empowerment and Skills Training for Women

Mental Health Services: (See More)

  • Weekly Drop–In for advice support, activities & training
  • Assistance with access to other training, education and employment
  • Chit Chat magazine group
    Support groups for parents with mental health issues

Generic Services:

  • Access to Legal advice and Benefits advice
  • Hire of facilities for community, church or activities that benefit our communities


Support and advice, Holiday Activities, Refreshments and hot lunches for Parent and Toddler Group, Training/Adult Learning events for Centre Users, Day outings during the summer and Supervised contact sessions for families.

The Ethos of St. Mark’s Family Centre

  • We strive to meet the needs and aspirations of our community.
  • We strive to make our resources accessible to our community.
  • We strive to build up and strengthen our community by our work.
  • We strive to put our communities first in all our activities, services and work that supports them.
  • We strive to include members from all areas of social, culture and belief groups in our community within our planning and management of the Centre.
  • We strive to see people take control over their lives through support and empowerment.
  • We strive not to direct people but to inform, support and encourage them to positive life choices.
  • We strive to provide a safe, warm and caring place for our community to use and be part of.
  • We strive to deliver quality, relevant and effective services by working in partnerships with other organisations and members of the community.
  • We strive to promote, encourage and celebrate the diversity within the community.
  • We strive to uphold this ethos and encourage the support of our community in all that we do.

General Referral Form

Please use the form General Referral Form below for all referrals to the Centre.

If you want a form to fill in on the computer please request a Word version from, thank you.

Click here for our General Referral Form