New Church Hall, 28 St Mark's Road, Mitcham, Surrey, CR4 2LF
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About the Centre

St. Mark's Family Centre is a thriving, lively community organisation in the heart of Mitcham. By family we mean all the family, from the very young to our older adults.

Our purpose is to work with and serve our local and diverse communities by providing services that build, strengthen and support their needs and aspirations.

We recognise that Mitcham is a vibrant, multi-cultural and forward-looking area of Merton but continues to struggle with general deprivation, poorer housing, reduced health & well being, high unemployment and fewer opportunities for improvement when compared to other wealthier parts of Merton and other London Boroughs.

These issues bring many challenges for those who have lived here for many years, and those who have newly settled here as they seek to integrate and extend our community, bringing with them variety and cultural wealth.

We are a user led organisation, run by local people with an understanding of local community issues and with the expertise in meeting these throughout all our specialist areas. From children & families’ services right through to our older adult services we provide a range of needed, accessible and quality services that have consistently supported positive changes in people’s lives since 1989. Many local people also get involved in our organisation through volunteering. This is a great way to get involved in the community, give back to the community, gain skills for work or get experience whilst training; for example we have had many volunteers who completed their NVQ's in childcare and also an adult teaching certificate. If you are thinking about how to go about volunteering then have a look at the staff and volunteering page and it will tell you what is available.

You can also see us (the key staff) and what we do by viewing this page or read more about our work over the last financial year from our recent Annual Report which is available below.

If you have any queries suggestions or are interested in our services or volunteering please feel free to contact us. We look forward to your call or visit.

Annual Report

View our Annual Reports by clicking here, or on the picture below.

Annual Report

To view the Annual Report and other documents on this page you will need Adobe Reader, which is free to download by clicking here.

New Philanthropy Capital has been one of our recent and much needed funders whose grants have allowed us to really develop our work, especially in these recent times of major funding cuts and changes to charities. Use the links below to download their Report and Newsletter about our services.

NPC Newsletter | NPC Report